Architectural and Design company - operates since 2006 years. For these time we have taken a lot of signature for innovations. Our Design Studio has carried out a very high taste and gracefully sketch projects, suburban houses, offices, public catering facilities, exterior and interior designs, and landscape.

          As you know architectural area covers a large area that, this in turn is divided into sections and a few styles. This is the basis of the modern architecture sections. For example, Modern, Classic, Art Deco, High-Tec.

         Our real goal is to listen request and wishes customers who appealed to us and realize our works on the basis of these requests. 

              We hope that, we have created joy and smile on the faces those who trust us. You also trust us and be happy in the end.


         Rovshan Fazil oglu Zamanly was born 20 August 1977 th year in the village of Jabrail region Nüsüs. In 1994 1th class was gone Nüsüs village secondary school successfully graduated from the school in 1984. Azerbaijan State Economic University was included in the same year. Still interest in this area is even more brings him over time construction university in the years. Military service and military commanders repeatedly was awarded by honorary decree and as long as it is in the service went after graduating from the university. Completed military service who returned To Baku after Rovshan Timed first of all have long since which was the dream began work in the field of repair. Over time if the spatial mathematical geometric information his innovations laid the foundation of a very idea and it turned out the reason why. , but even in our country and outside the country has taken a very signature projects.


           Architectural and Design company “Dinamik Yapı” LLC was created by Rovshan Zamanli in 2006 year, and the same year was director of the company. During these years he achieved many innovations of architectural design projects and many innovations in the construction. As an example various apartments in concrete and brick demolition and construction work cut displacement perform any place without the walls, has carried out experiments by application in the MDF wooden.


            High human qualities - simplicity, kindness, generosity with hundreds of people played a prime role in ensuring the selected this human work. He is married, has 4 children.