The African style can be considered as the most exotic and grotesque style from all. And this exotic has nothing in common with difficult forms and manifestations of luxury. The African style testifies how the minimalism in natural representation has to look: simple forms in addition of rough invoices, energy and dynamics – call to the movement and life. This style allows to be loaded, receive additional forces.

Today the African style – one of the most demanded among ethnic styles. Its distinctive feature – the increased impulsiveness, children's simplicity and a spontaneity. There is no regularity at all and judiciousness, and furthermore solidity therefore the African style will please those to whom urbanistichny hi-tech bothered.

Important elements of the African style are natural materials (wood, a stone, ceramics, fabric), thematic subjects of a decor (a figurine of gods and animals, numerous vases with exotic flowers, skins of tigers and zebras), and also use of contrasts.

At the African style there is a massive furniture executed in simple geometrical forms or the wicker furniture made of natural materials: abacuses, rattan or palm bark. Colors the most various, as well as in the nature: bright red, yellow, orange, brown, etc. Colors of Africa are the warm shades imitating the sun, wild animals and vegetation.

The African style is an expression of original creativity of tribes of the Dark continent. And it must be said, their exotic style found the reflection in the present: African motives inspired the European on creation of three new styles: colonial, ethno and art deco. All these styles are exacting concerning search of exhibits and therefore differ. From it you won't get to anywhere, on that it and exotic. Whether you sometime in a subway of the modern city met baboon canines? And and in those days I cost an ebony worth its weight in gold.

Africans didn't hesitate to decorate the dwellings everything that will come to hand. It could be armors of turtles, horns, claws and canines of various wild animals, feathers of birds, leather of snakes and crocodiles, scales of fishes and even an egg shell. The interior executed in the African style wonderfully combines comfort of the modern apartment and aspiration to be closer to the nature.