The empire style as style of an interior, started being formed in the XIX century in France, at Napoléon I. Then in it the proud principles of firmness and royal power were underlain.

The Empire style style projected on itself elements of several cultures and currents. So, having added attributes of luxury to classicism, having added with motives of the Egyptian culture and military symbolics (swords in bas-reliefs, gilded brushes, helmets and banners), create the grandiose Empire style style which had to extol all power and bravery of the great power engendered by Napoleon Bonaparte.

The empire style, despite all the pomposity, differs in simplicity and logicality. It is the cold style but proud. Its main goal – to inform the viewer importance of the room, its officiality. That is why the Empire style is so actively operated for registration of official and other high-ranking interiors.

Indispensable attributes of the Empire style style are columns, the console and a pilaster, massive furniture without rotundities – everything is strict and on a rank. Home decoration is executed from mahogany or other noble breeds, and high canopies supplement the general magnificence.

The interior the Empire style is a self-sufficiency and suspension in everything. Around the silence and rest, full harmony against strict symmetry reign. The room is decorated by solemn attributes of the past, symbols of the Roman and Egyptian greatness (the crossed weapon, lion's masks, etc.). Here bright saturated colors prevail.
Well and the main thing that always was in traditional representation of the Empire style style are mirrors. The spacious halls which are already not suffering from a lack of a place seemed even more in reflection of mirrors. Them always was much and they could settle down anywhere: over a fireplace, over beds, on doors, and even between furniture legs. The mirror swingglass in human growth by the form reminding an arch was the central element of a boudoir.

The Empire style style is seldom used in daily interiors, and the essence consists not only in high cost of the realization of style here. Imagine all this massive furniture in an environment of the polished surfaces and decorative reliefs. Yes is a noble style, but far uncomfortable. Frankly speaking, the Empire style style purpose never was creation of a convenient situation in the conditions of serene contemplation. Here majestic forms, and lion's paws and details in the form of eaves more similar to architectural sculptures prevail. On furniture from style an empire style you won't be able to relax in habitual understanding of the word, after all there are no soft seat mats and convenient backs here. On such furniture it is necessary to sit with a proud bearing, to meet, so to speak, a situation.