The Mediterranean Sea Style

The Mediterranean style created from cultures of the countries of the Mediterranean, special contribution to which color were made by Italy and Greece as an independent current there are slightly more than 50 years. The basis of style was formed by life of residents of these countries, house attributes, their painting and architecture. It incorporated all connected with the sun, the sea and magnificent vegetation, everything that, shrouding in the romantic atmosphere, calms and gives feeling of tranquility.

For interiors the shod furniture and a bright coloured tree, a combination of natural materials and ceramics with marble antiquity, fruit compositions and sea subject in a decor are characteristic. Any luxury and pathos – only a practicality from shares of an ingenuity and simplicity. Therefore style of the Mediterranean is pertinent everywhere.

Color schemes. In the Italian palette warm colors – terracotta, brick, okhristy, beige, yellow, olive, light green prevail. And the Greek interior abounds with a cold color – white, citreous, all shades blue, blue-green, emerald and for accents – rose-red.

In finishing of walls and ceilings of the Italian interior opaque smooth surfaces in combination with different invoices – decorative plaster, a wall list with the imitation of frescos and a mosaic tile which is smoothly passing into a floor are used. Coloring of walls in the flowers of one scale in some layers is admissible. The white plastered walls or revetted with colored wooden panels are inherent in the Greek house. Use of a deckle-edged ceramic tile and brick in a frame of a fireplace or on walls round kitchen is pertinent.

Floors usually wooden, tiled or with a terracotta tile. Stylishly the marble mosaic in the spirit of the Mediterranean decor looks.

Furniture – from a colored tree, from a thin oak and a pine, wattled from a cane or a rattan with elements of forging and textiles, coffee tables with table-tops from marble or tiles. Open shelves on which the painted ceramics is shown, and chairs with reed seats are typical for the Mediterranean interiors.

At windows – an external sun blind or marquises, blinds from fabric or a bamboo. The Roman curtains or the streaming muslin curtains are sometimes used.

Purpose of textiles practical – natural fabrics with a simple embroidery on bed linen, pillows and covers. Simple white or cream lace without hint on an ornamentalnost – on cloths, paths on dressers or buffets, pillowcases.

Sea shells, cockleshells, pebble can be accessories for a decor. It is a lot of ceramic ware on shelves also abundance of vegetation. Mats from seaweed, a reed or sisal bring in an interior feeling of a unification with the nature.

Whatever was interpretation of the Mediterranean style, the idea always one is the sea, the sun, violent vegetation and feeling of ease and rest.