Art Deсo

Art deco (or Art deco) – style in art which appeared as a result of mixture of a set of other styles: empire style, Indian exotic, African motives, Egyptian art.
It arose in the thirties the XX century in countries of Western Europe and America. Style of the Art deco received the name, as a tribute to the international Exhibition of decorative art which was taking place in Paris in 1925.

The art deco is entirely "streamline" furniture with the chromeplated wooden handles, sculptures of female figures in the most unnatural poses and exotic finishing materials: ivory, leather of a crocodile or snake.
In style of the Art deco use of the most different elements of dressing is welcomed: furniture, products from a tree and precious metals, ceramics and fabrics. The main thing that they were bright and were well combined with each other. If to generalize, it is composition of various stylish things which are ideally in harmony within separately taken interior design.

Style of the Art deco – the easy, graceful style which isn't loaded by excess information – all to a place and is unostentatious. It is the last stage of development of styles of the period the Modernist style, or a certain transitional style from the Modernist style to multinational post-war design.

The print of a set of cultures finds reflection in all details of style of the Art deco. This application of twisting lines, images of fantastic animals and magnificent women, combination of simple and exotic materials. This interesting representation of luxury where exotic and primitive art is harmoniously combined.

Walls get off so that to serve only as a background for refined furniture and other attributes of an interior. Therefore in style of the Art deco practically there is no wall-paper with drawing. Usually it is the walls painted in monophonic color as which ornament only the bright pattern border with the put geometrical figures serves. One of the most popular drawings on a border in the 30th years – the Egyptian semicircle (a symbol of a rising sun).

Use of color in style of the Art deco has contrast character are pastel unostentatious tone for walls and dark coloring just for decoration. Bright colors here too are present, but generally they are located on numerous ornaments.

Style of the Art deco became widely demanded and presently. Eclecticism, and also a variety of receptions and forms of this style, allow to find original solutions for realization in modern interiors.