Avant Garde

The vanguard is an art and architectural style of an interior which arose at the beginning of the XX century under the influence of the revolutionary moods at that time reigning in youth circles.

The Vanguard style is considered an absolute antithesis of classical style. The interior issued in style vanguard is necessary on heart to creative people with an independent way of thinking and original taste, and also to people independent and freedom-loving.

On what emphasis in an interior Vanguard is placed? First of all is a color. Here the mix from, apparently, incongruous paints is possible. However it is very important to feel a thin side between brightness and vulgarity, and then you receive really impressive result. The vanguard performed by the professional is an organic ensemble where each detail has the finished appearance and is located on a place. Trifles don't happen here.

The interior in the Vanguard style practically excludes use of wall-paper. If the Vanguard is necessary – you become the artist. Brushes and paints will be your main weapon. Experiment and combine the incongruous. For example, it is possible to paint one wall black color, and opposite to it – in white. The effect of contrast will amplify if near a white wall to put a black chair, and on a black wall to establish a sconce with the light lamp shade. Well, or it is possible to paint all four walls different colors. You remember, the Vanguard style will look naturally if to show courage in the manifestations. It is surprising paradox where following to contrasts becomes at the head of everything.

The furniture, as well as any other detail of an interior Vanguard, represents unique elements. Therefore here it is hardly necessary to a place of fonts from a sofa and two chairs – for vanguard it is too banal. It will be good to be combined with bright walls dark furniture. In general, any forms and decisions are possible here, and it concerns not only furniture. We will tell, it is possible to combine unusual materials, to create surprising compositions from color glass or metal. As a result at you the premises will turn out not simply, you create the real work of art and that is twice pleasant – absolutely unique and unique.

Creating an interior Vanguard at home, you as if are solved on experiment which result won't be clear to the last until you sort things out, having turned the seeming chaos into the finished composition. At this moment you have satisfaction from the done work, and the new image of the apartment will long warm you the refinement.