Baroque is the style of an interior which appeared in Italy in the XVII century. The distinctive feature of style is hidden in its name – in translation from the Italian Baroque means "tendency to excesses". It is style in which splendor and luxury are welcomed. Exactly here for the first time such concepts as style and a way of life in the history intertwine.

Use of Baroque style in an interior is followed by emergence of plastic forms and freakish ornaments. The room becomes more volume and sublime. Much attention is paid to a fresco list here, it decorates walls and ceilings. Other invariable element of a decor in Baroque style are magnificent woven carpets – they smoothly go down from a ceiling along a wall and reach a floor.

Mirrors – the central element of a decor without which any interior in Baroque style doesn't do. Traditionally they are done by the size in human growth, decorated with a stucco molding and gilding. And in baroque the vegetable subject is welcomed: branches of trees, large sheets or flowers.

The luxury and even a certain grandiosity is shown in everything here. Baroque style is an abundance of precious metals and rare stones: gold and silver in combination with marble and a mosaic. For finishing of furniture only rare and expensive fabrics, and also a fringe are used.

Numerous sculptures and picturesque cloths also here are very popular. So, in Baroque style it is possible to meet images of seminude bodies in the movement or various natural landscapes against which scenes from country life are often represented.

The furniture in Baroque style practically never has strictly geometrical forms, straight lines are replaced by florid outlines that is shown on wavy backs of sofas and chairs, curved legs of tables, etc. The interesting finds of Baroque style which became its card are a floor bronze clock, cases and dressers with drawers and pedestals for sculptures.

Baroque style is the picture sated with paints, a harmonious play of light and shadow, brightness which is shown in everything - in sculptural sculptures, rich draperies, expensive furniture and magnificent incrustations. Even the most plain interior receives the complicated registration, and walls visually lose the main lines – firmness and monumentalism. Curved lines and the hanging-down draperies give to walls dynamism and plasticity.

Baroque style is urged to create the atmosphere of rich aristocratic palaces, to immerse us in the fairy tale, distracting from modern problems and daily occurrence.