The biedermeier is the style of registration of interiors widespread in the German and Austrian art in 1815 — 1848.
The biedermeier is considered quite simple style. To it are characteristic light tone and spacious rooms. In such situation psychologically comfortable atmosphere disposing to rest and a sintementalnost is created.

Primary colors of the Biedermeier style: light and warm shades – yellow, blue, pink, and also brown and crimson. In an interior smoothly curved, roundish forms prevail, and all surrounding subjects are urged to create homeliness and intimacy of a situation.

Feature of the Biedermeier style – attempt to create a petty-bourgeois cosiness. It is a tribute to conditions in which style appeared, namely – to outlooks of the German bourgeoisie. There are no difficult forms, the main emphasis is placed on convenience and simplicity. At the same time, at an interior there has to be a part of respectability.

The furniture is made of wood of a maple, cherry, a nut, a pear. The main requirements to it - simplicity and convenience. The furniture in the Biedermeier style is the exclusively practical element excluding decorative function. Here you won't find any excessive decor, for example, of carved armrests. But limitation of forms is completely compensated by a bright upholstery of furniture.

Except sofas, in the Biedermeier style it is possible to meet sliding little tables, elegant chairs and chairs, angular lockers and small harpsichords (a fashionable trend of that time). Important line of the Biedermeier style – use of flat walls in monophonic flowers. Usually they are painted or pasted over with wall-paper with a plain pattern. Floors also don't differ in an execution riddle: most often it is the wooden basis laid by monophonic carpets.

The invariable decorative effect to rooms in the Biedermeier style is given by eaves, small columns and pilasters. If you want to recreate the Biedermeier style in its traditional understanding, it is possible to establish a fireplace with the massive marble shelf. At windows velvet or muslin curtains, and on walls – pictures, various miniatures and abundance of photos in a wooden framework will be actual.

The Biedermeier style is the German practicality and functionality where everything is directed on following to needs of the person. Lack of a large number of accessories and other attributes not only facilitates a task to designers, but also considerably cuts down expenses on a style reconstruction in modern conditions.