Style of the Bungalow is an art of dressing of rooms in traditions of classical American bungalows. But originally similar constructions appeared in the Indian province of Bengal in the XVIII century and were intended for arrangement of the British colonists.

The bungalow is a small one-storeyed lodge with a low ceiling, a flat roof and without ladders. The main is rational use of inhabited space here. So, in style of the Bungalow only the built-in cases and regiments are used that significantly saves useful space. All rooms are located compactly. Usually the bathroom, a bedroom and other rooms are placed round one general drawing room. For finishing natural materials, in particular a tree are mainly used.

In interior registration of the Bungalow, the concept of laconicism and simplicity comes to the forefront. Furniture here always easy, made of straw or a bamboo. It doesn't encumber space, leaving feeling of fullness air.

As for color schemes, in style of the Bungalow natural motives are used: the bright yellow imitates the sun, white - sand in the desert, blue - the sky, etc. Here will be pertinent as well non-standard colors, for example, violet or dark and claret.

The bungalow can't call limited style which forbids use in an interior of modern materials. There can be both a metal and plastic, the main thing that products possessed simple forms, without concentrating on itself close attention. In general, everything has to be simple and unostentatious here. It concerns both furniture, and decor subjects, and finishing materials. By the way, subjects of a decor and other accessories in style of the Bungalow shouldn't be much better if it are handicrafts, perhaps, even a fruit of your creativity.

At a window will perfectly look, both heavy curtains from rough fabric, and air, light materials. Instead of classical woven curtains it is possible to use, for example, blinds from a tree is will make a situation more natural.

The best option in style of the Bungalow is an application of timber floors. The carpet or a big carpet can act as quite good alternative. For finishing of walls it is possible to use any material – wall-paper, plaster, fabric, interior paint.

Style of the Bungalow can be supplemented with various architectural elements made of natural materials, for example, in a drawing room it will be fine to look an easy brick fireplace.

Style of the Bungalow will please fans of simplicity, laconicism and a rural way of life. There is no second floor that facilitates process of construction and all communications in such construction to equip much more simply. Besides, in case of fire in the Bungalow, it is possible to leave rooms not only through doors. Similar style will attract to any who wants to come nearer a little to the nature or to stay in a privacy.