The Chinese style is the original art, many centuries which was in isolation and kept up to now the ethnic specifics. The important part in the Chinese style is assigned to the traditional doctrine of this country, namely – to the principles Feng-Shui.

Distinctive elements of the Chinese style is use of a calligraphy, application of a varnish list, introduction in an interior of the well-known Chinese porcelain, decoration of rooms natural Chinese carpets. The main materials for finishing and dressing - silk, a bamboo, ceramics, various draperies. The Chinese style doesn't welcome sharp, straight lines and acute angles. In an interior it is possible to meet wall niches and decorative arches.

In furniture It should be noted popular not only in China equipment of an intarsia. But unlike the European versions, the plywood here cut in furniture lies not in one plane with all surface, and towers over it a little. In general, all Chinese furniture differed in a squareness of forms, and became, generally from a bamboo - light and strong material. Here as anywhere the important Chinese principle of observance of harmony in everything therefore the furniture in such interior has some is shown, and it is located according to the strict principles Feng-Shui.

In the Chinese interior an important role is played by coloring where every color it is at the same time independent and supplements the general color palette. Bright and dark coloring (red, black), as well as softer are widely used (blue, yellow, green). Red color prevails in an interior and symbolizes itself the main Chinese symbol - a dragon.

Interesting feature of the Chinese interiors is lack of curtains at windows and chandeliers on ceilings. If you want to create really Chinese style in the apartment, as lighting use usual desk lamps or paper small lamps. Mirrors are also present at the Chinese style and have to settle down only according to the principles Feng-Shui.

Well and of course, in the Chinese interior the important part is assigned to attributes. Various accessories there can be a set, for example, the small reed rugs hanged on walls or masks of the Beijing opera. The furniture is steadily supplemented with throw pillows with classical images of a dragon and a flower pagoda. On curtains not to do without the traditional hieroglyphs giving to an interior of mysteriousness and a little mysterious charm. And also numerous Chinese amulets, mascots, products from nephrite, the other small knickknacks urged to create a unique situation. Well and of course, the well-known Chinese porcelain not to do without it in any way.

If the Chinese style is realized by rules, besides exotic notes, in an interior there has to be a feeling of slackness and ease. When everything is made correctly, it is necessary only to enjoy new registration of the apartment.