Hi - Tech

The Hi-tech style (from English "hi-tech" - high technologies) — the child of post-modernist architecture of the end of last century which personified a harmonious combination of constructivism and functionality of space, high technologies, simplicity and severity of a decor.
The abundance of straight lines and simple figures, use of industrial designs and mobile partitions from unbreakable glass promotes re-planning and division of big spaces into functional zones.

One more devil of the style propagandizing a material esthetics — use of metal, glass, a tree and plastic, pipes and external ladders. Material "work" completely compensates lack of jewelry gloss of surfaces, a play of light on glasses, and precisely picked up lighting creates effect of the light and spacious room.

The Hi-tech style mostly for the young people preferring modern materials, nonconventional in a form, but functional furniture, electronics, the chromeplated pipes, the polished surfaces and the acting designs of the engineering equipment.
Obligatory sign of style — smooth walls in light tones, most often in white, beige, sand and light gray paints, without jewelry that corresponds to ideas of minimalism. Of course, it is possible to recover naked walls, having placed photos in a metal framework or pictures of abstract artists.

The style skate — abundance of the built-in lamps and small halogen lamps suspended at one level or the cascade that creates feeling of ease and simplicity.
The upholstered furniture with a monophonic upholstery of strict geometrical forms more than is pertinent in such interior. For revival of a picture one bright spot, for example, a sofa of a bright coloring is admissible. And the space bed, a case from color transparent plastic or the leather chair changing color from contact with it, for certain will be pleasant to fans of experiments.

At windows blinds well look. It is possible to add also curtains that your house didn't remind office, but only light and monophonic, average density. The carpet or a monophonic carpet with long pile will be suitable for a floor. The skin of a zebra will give to an interior the real luster though it is better to use artificial analogs of fur.
But anything so won't decorate the room as a big aquarium with rare species of fishes. Supplements a situation — the computer from color plastic (red, black or blue) or a leopard coloring for ladies.
The Hi-tech style in inhabited interiors meets more often in combinations with elements of other styles from "ethnics" to neoclassicism. Also it is popular today more than ever, and highly effective technical novelties — pledge of a practicality and stylishness in design and an interior.