The country is a rural style, which characteristic features - simplicity and originality, high functionality and a minimum of attributes of style hi-tech. The country is permanently connected with ethnic components of these or those people. So, in the American Country the invariable element of a decor is a cowboy's hat, and in Europe, say, the gnome's figurine. But at the same time, the country is quite independent stylistic direction. Its invariable components are a cozy situation, comfort and a part of the romanticism inherent in rural life.

Style of the Country disposes to friendly conversation, a meeting of long-awaited friends and a simple evening get-together with a coffee cup in a circle of the native. The country observes stylistics of rural life and, thus, can be corrected according to individual flavoring preferences.

Furniture in interior registration of style of the Country are natural products, it is frequent from badly otesanny wood of light shades. Often the furniture becomes manually, especially small copies at all: wooden chairs, small little tables.

Woodcarving here is only welcomed. Thus the furniture in style of the Country never has difficult geometrical forms. It have to be the most comfortable and functional subjects. Massive chairs won't be useful here, the best option is small sofas and a rocking-chair.

Earlier style of the Country was distinguished by roughness of forms of execution to resemble more truly rural tenor of life. Today the Country became more refined and modern, but at the same time kept former lyricism and aspiration to the nature.

Among fabrics the preference is given to natural materials. It is cotton, flax, a chintz. The country in an interior is an abundance of all curtains, rugs and covers. On walls clay painted plates and metal stamping hang. As accessories the rare books, flowers and simply ancient things having a certain degree of wear are used here, – in style of the Country it is only welcomed.

As for color, are suitable for the Country soft natural tone, not causing fatigue of eyes. Here you will hardly meet busily bright palette. Everything is directed on compliance to natural motives. The furniture can be not colored, unpolished or wattled at all.

If you wish to create the Country in classical representation, trim all walls with a tree (wooden panels), and in one of walls surely build in a fireplace. It is the invariable accessory of style of the Country introducing feeling of heat and a cosiness to the house. Other attributes of rural tenor of life – flowers in pots, lamps with lamp shades, ware with a vegetable ornament, thin cloths, graceful candlesticks. Well and of course, true style of the Country has to be embodied far away from city bustle where whiff of the fresh air invigorating with the purity is felt.