The minimalism created at the beginning of the XX century extended at once in many directions, completely excepting canons of creativity and traditional materials. Along with an exact statement of composition simplicity and a minimum of means of expression are inherent in style. Materials are used natural and industrial, modest volumes, the elementary geometrical forms and straight lines, the easy bend is allowed.

The minimalism as kind of the Hi-tech style, is convenient both for offices, and for premises. Difference of these styles that there are no open fittings and pipes, plays light on flat surfaces, laconic forms of subjects have the verified proportions and colors, without jewelry.

For modern Minimalism competent modeling of inhabited space with a set only of necessary subjects opening a composite plan, and a quiet, diffused light is characteristic. Rooms are zoned whenever possible without internal partitions, with big windows and the multilevel osveshcheny. They are so sated with light that a surrounding landscape, merging with inhabited space, becomes part of its interior.

In color scale white, gray and black tone prevails. And gloss of glass, the chromeplated metal, color of natural wood or a brick supplement a palette.

Walls and windows aren't burdened with a decor and details of front finishing, the main condition of style – functionality of an interior in which it isn't simply possible to live, but also it is convenient. Walls usually 2-3 related shades or 2 contrast colors. Wall-paper monophonic, with poorly expressed drawing, relief or under painting. Interestingly impressive plaster, wall panels and inserts from a natural or artificial stone, concrete, plastic, fragments from the polished tree and ceramics look.

The minimum quantity of cabinet furniture, is exclusive with flat surfaces, defines the image of the dwelling in general. For production it opaque glass, stainless steel, aluminum shapes, the natural or polished tree is used. Graphite or bronze mirrors fix on facades of cases. Simplicity of forms is welcomed and in upholstered furniture.

Lamps represent round or rectangular plafonds in metal cases. Halogen and neon lamps apply in ceiling illumination. At windows blinds are admissible.
The minimalism — is illusion of air space which, dissolving borders of forms and subjects, creates feeling of infinity.