The romanticism is a refined and easy style to which plasticity of lines and distinguished elegance is peculiar. The romanticism in an interior is shown in identity of the owner and his personal perception of the created space, the emphasis in modern design is placed on it. Easy nostalgia of style induces to pleasant family pastime in an environment of things old, but lovely to heart.

Characteristic features of romantic style – graceful lines, Gothic forms of apertures, arches, a wild stone, live plants in flowerpots, a folklore decor. The atmosphere of pensiveness and rest reign in such interior where each detail isn't casual, and it is necessary for convenience.

Concerning color, the priority is given to reserved and quiet pastel tones. Most often it is cream-white scale in combination with lilac or pink shades. Different combinations of flowers if only there was no congestion of paints are allowed.

Walls in kitchen and a bathroom usually light and monophonic, in the dining room, a drawing room and a bedroom – peach, bright cream or light brown. In finishing of walls apply textiles, wall-paper in a strip or with a small geometrical and flower ornament. In the top part of walls there can be a border or modelled eaves, below – decorative wooden panels in tone with wall-paper. A ceiling always in light tones. On a floor – a carpet or a parquet.

Basic elements of an interior – upholstered furniture with expensive upholstery and case, from noble breeds of a tree. The valuable antiques aren't required, and here a rocking-chair or an old dresser – that is necessary. In kitchen white wooden chairs and tables, crockery hills and lockers are pertinent, and the various decorative ware can serve as decoration of kitchen. For example, from plates on walls and ancient kitchen accessories the original composition can turn out. The drawing room with dark furniture against a carpet with east drawing has to "breathe" rest and a cosiness, and the small fontanchik in the form of leaves of a water-lily will give to the room a special charm. A mirror in a carved frame, a little table from the massif of cherry and a wattled a rattan sofa will perfectly look in a bedroom, and a lamp with the lamp shade on a bedside table and porcelain figurines will become addition of design. Light in rooms has to be soft and scattered.

Gentle-blue curtains in a cage or a floret will help to create the necessary atmosphere in kitchen, and easy, almost weightless draperies or curtains with frills – in other rooms of the house.

Fireplace with intricate lattices and skillful candlesticks, near which sofas or chairs, compositions from a natural stone, various wall lamps, silk pillows, books, painting in any technology of execution – a successful stroke in an interior. The main thing that registration of works and separate subjects corresponded to the general plan.

Pottery plants, svezhesrezanny bouquets and sukhotsveta in vases will perfectly recover design.
The romanticism in an interior is an elegant housing with the atmosphere of special warmth in which it is convenient not only to creative and poetic natures, and everything who appreciates comfort and a cosiness.